Website Development

We provide solutions which are useful, eye-catching and cost effective, with a hint of the effects emphasizing the individual character of your website. We will suggest, advise and select the optimal technology to create a website which will make you proud and bring many benefits to your business or organization.

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App Development

Mobile application development by Pesewa, delivers the solutions you need to help you reach your marketing goals and revenue objectives. Make your business accessible to over 2.1 billion phone users worldwide with a mobile application which befits your business and brand. Come let's put you ahead of the competition.

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Software Development

We provide easy-to-use management solutions to schools, hospitals, hotels, businesses etc. We have tools that will help your business maximize profit while cutting down cost. So if your business or organization needs to keep records that should never get lost or stolen, then talk to us today for a customizable application.

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At Pesewa, we believe just because an idea is louder or flashier, that doesn’t mean the message is being heard. To be heard, you have to be smarter not louder. In an overcrowded world where brands fight for our attention everyday, it’s important to develop a brand strategy that will help you cut through all the noise and reach the right people.

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Digital Marketing

If you are facing challenges understanding or managing your digital marketing strategy, it may be time to work with a strategic partner. Whether you are struggling with gaining insight into your SEO and website performance, optimizing your content to boost search ranking and conversion rates or improving your lead quality, we've got your back.

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Training & Consultancy

We help your business identify solutions that will help it grow and maximize it's efficiency. We also provide training in digital skills like website designing, web app development, mobile application development, software development and teaching of programming languages like PHP, JavaScript and Python. Talk to us today for all your digital needs.

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Our Products

Simple solutions for complicated problems.

Our main goal at Pesewa Websoft is to build solutions to solve some of our society's big problems. We don't only come up with innovative ideas but also sustainable business models.

KOLIKO is a user-friendly app that consists of all the favourite restaurants and food vendors in Sunyani for you to order from. No more joining queues, no more fighting at food joints, just order and we will deliver.

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SUAPON is a platform where students from tertiary institutions can interact with each other; sharing ideas, asking and answering questions. Students can also upload and download books, past questions and other educational materials. The main goal is to create an online community where students learn from each other.

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Pesewa Business Suite is a software-as-a-service platform that leverages on cloud computing and data-analytics to help businesses securely save and analyze their data for informed decision.

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